Appuri: Making Machine Learning Accessible to everyone

2016–2017, Seattle, WA

I headed-up design at Appuri, a platform that aspires to make data science and machine learning accessible to everyone. I’m currently working on a concept for a website redesign & branding work. I enjoy working on products that require deep technical understanding in a challenging field.

Intermediate Website Refresh

We designed and shipped new features on a weekly basis. I contributed to the product roadmap, built functional specifications, created visual design concepts, and project-managed the implementation of new features. And that all takes a back seat to communicating the mission & soul of the company.

Unpacking the current products at Appuri. Brainstorming, iteration, & collaboration of ideas.
Examples of our interface library, demonstrating many of the most interesting UI elements.

As a Startup Designer, you can end up doing pretty much anything.

At Appuri I shipped a few dozen features, such as Dashboards, Query Visualization, and a Funnel Analysis tool.

I created marketing collateral for six ad campaigns, ranging from banner ads, to graphics, to documents and some assets supporting webinars.

I also created a set of Email templates, completed a website refresh, a set of landing pages, and managed the technical infrastructure to run analytics, Marketing Automation, and lead prospecting.

But, most importantly, I’ve been working conceptually with the founding team to understand and define the soul of Appuri, so we can effectively communicate and evangelize our mission to the startup community. Here is a taste:

Dashboarding in Appuri, App AI (branding, product, and positioning concepts)