BitTitan, MigrationWiz, SalesAutomation, & MSPComplete

2014–2016, Greater Seattle Area

In 2014, I joined a startup called BitTitan as the only designer, and grew with a 20-person company from <$1m in revenue to $10m & 200 global employees, building a seven-person design team, and more importantly, design culture inside a startup.

I produced two interface libraries while at the company

My proudest accomplishments include developing our first shared interface library (link) and application style guide that could be used across a portfolio of nearly a dozen applications, as well as instilling a culture in the organization that respected design, and strived to put our users first. (If you’re curious, I also worked on a more extensive design language to replace it, which you can preview here).

Brainstorming, fast iteration, and collaboration

I spent most of my time developing the roadmap for the UX program as the UX Program manager, project-managing designers, and before that, designing things independently, over a period of two years. We produced over a dozen products, and I worked across the product development lifecycle to ensure successful delivery for each product.

For 6 months I was primarily responsible for owning new products and features at the concept / wireframe stage. During the process, I introduced Invision, Craft, Sketch, and other tools which facilitated collaboration. I built analytics infrastructure from scratch to track important metrics, and implemented shared video demonstrations, to keep the large, distributed (global) team apprised of up-to-the-minute development progress, and ensure each team in the company had advance notice of how products would function, before they shipped.

I led the Design Team to produce visual designs, and later project-managed the front-end team as they completed the MSPComplete Project (over 6 months of work). During my time at BitTitan we also completed a branding project, two website redesigns, and the development of an Interface Library, in addition to shipping over a dozen products.

12+ Usability Research sessions

I ran usability tests with some of our best customers, and documented my findings. This helped us avoid building features no one wanted, and saved the company both time and money.

MSPComplete Launch / Introduction Video
How to run a Mailbox Migration using MSPComplete & MigrationWiz (Via Pax8)

In the end, we shipped a very large product and launched to Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2016.

MSPComplete at WPC 2016

It was an exciting project.

And then we celebrated with Toothpaste (a gag gift I created). Let me know if you get the joke.

Also at BitTitan

I also shipped production code from time to time, ran an Ember.JS workshop that trained 5 front-end developers, got promoted twice, implemented a usability-research program, helped create the Product Management team, and got to know the IT industry inside-and-out.

This was probably my most challenging & rewarding position to date.

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