I asked GitHub if I could have the abandoned username “Magikarp”. And they said yes!

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I stumbled upon this project on GitHub Monday afternoon. It is a Python script that runs through a series of dictionaries, searching for abandoned GitHub accounts, with little or no activity, for the last 5 years.

The criteria used by the script:

  • No starred repositories
  • No repositories
  • No private contributions
  • No following
  • No public contributions
  • Created in year <= 2011

Use four simple No-code tools to create your own Visitor Management Kiosk, complete with document signing and badge printing!

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At Meeting Room 365, we create a simple visitor management kiosk for enterprises around the world. During a recent hackathon, we challenged ourselves to recreate as much of the current visitor sign-in experience using No-code tools, to see what we could learn.

The result was a re-imagining of the Visitor sign-in experience for companies that only occasionally need to have a visitor sign in.

We also used this as an opportunity to build and launch Custom Displays, which can create a Managed Kiosk Display from any URL.

Performance on desktop is might not be great, but you can fix that by using the built-in Progressive Web App for Chrome

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This article was originally written for Notion, and expanded to include other popular Electron apps, such as Slack, Discord, & Microsoft Teams. The instructions are the same.

What is Notion?

Notion is a collaboration application built for the web, which describes itself as an all-in-one workspace where you can write, plan, collaborate and get organized — it allows you to take notes, add tasks, manage projects, etc.

Is its User Interaction novel, or is this the story of the emergence of AirPods as a Platform?

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Could AirPods become a platform in 2020?

What is Clubhouse?

The most talked about startup of early 2020 is Clubhouse, an audio-based social network where people can spontaneously jump into voice chat rooms together. You see the unlabeled rooms of all the people you follow, and you can join to talk or just listen along, milling around to find what interests you.

A technical design consideration for modern devices.

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Despite the many benefits of Retina displays, there is one clear drawback that must be considered when designing for high-density screens:

Thin lines must be avoided.

You might be more familiar with this problem as a font-rendering issue: very thin weights at small sizes tend to render poorly, since they are expressed through a variety of different rendering engines (some with anti-aliasing effects applied, which may cause unexpected distortions).

But, this can also present in other high-contrast elements, such as element borders.

Here is an example of a button with a 1px border, which does not render well because it is too thin:

Original Design

This video presents the original…

Amazon may be blocking HBO Max’s release, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait! You can install it right now and watch HBO Max in minutes.

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This method is neither endorsed nor expressly prohibited by HBO. Opinions are my own.

Update (November 18th, 2020):

Amazon has added HBO Max back to the Fire TV app store. You no longer need to sideload the app. If you followed this guide to sideload the Android app, you should uninstall it and install the Fire TV app.

HBO Max launched in the US on May 27th, 2020, to millions of downloads across a number of devices: Apple TV, Android TV, iOS, Android, Chromecast, Xbox, PS4, and Samsung TVs.

Surprisingly, Amazon and Roku both decided to block their users from downloading the app, in an apparent attempt to force HBO to distribute their content via Amazon’s official apps, instead of the HBO Max app. …

Tips and tricks if you want to explore UX Design on Windows

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The 5k iMac (left), vs. the Surface Studio (right).

I will admit it: I just wanted a giant touchscreen. Not since I purchased the Surface Studio. Not since it came out. As someone who is primarily Kinesthetic, I’ve dreamt of computing in front of a giant touchscreen device that wasn’t terrible since, well, forever.

And so, like those who suffered through terrible Smartphone products before iPhone and Android “figured things out”, I suffered through every terrible, gesture-deficient iteration of the touchscreen PC. And, these have been around for a surprisingly-long time (the first terrible-but-usable versions emerging on Windows 98!).

In a Month, I’ll be leaving Seattle for a while

This post was originally written in August 2019 — we left the following month. In light of current events, it seemed appropriate to publish.

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After about 12 years in Seattle, I’m getting a little bored.

To be fair, I’ve taken my fair share of extended vacations and year-long trips outside the Pacific Northwest, but for the most part, I’ve been in the greater Seattle area since about 2008.

Now, I seem to have some options. 2018–2019 were good years. My company, Meeting Room 365, replaced my full-time income as a Software Developer, and has put me in a good position to work remotely.

My typical work day right now involves writing code, and answering customer questions via email. Sometimes I write a help desk article or blog post. Nothing I have to be in a specific location for. …

Wednesday Night, within minutes of hearing “Go to Joe 30330”, many headed online to see what domains were still up for grabs.

If you was watching the debate Wednesday night, you all heard it. Maybe the only major gaffe so far in the democratic debates.

7:46pm PST (9:46pm PST) — A meme is born.

Go to Joe.. 3 0 3 3 0 [ffuck], and help me end this fight. Thank you very much.

An innocent mistake. Instead of plugging his website, the Biden campaign planned to promote a Text Message donation campaign. …

If you can build a website, you can build a real Fire TV app

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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Disclaimer: I have no official relationship with Amazon but I am a developer with experience working on streaming TV apps for another major content provider. Views are my own.

Not many people are building TV streaming apps. There typically aren’t a lot of open-source projects for platforms like Apple TV (tvOS), or Android TV. So, you would be right to consider that these platforms are difficult to break into.

And, as someone who’s spent time in the industry, it’s apparent that the tools available for these devices target industry insiders, not everyday developers.

But what if I told you that one of the largest up-and-coming Connected TV ecosystems was accessible to anyone who can hack together a simple webpage, with HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, or other simple web technologies? …


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