Custom Logo Travel Mugs: Promote Your Business on the Go

Promoting your business isn’t just about putting up a sign and waiting for customers to knock on your door. You can’t just hand out flyers and call it a day. With so much competition online and offline, you’ll need to up your game. That’s why creative ways to promote your business work. From personalized water bottles and pillows to custom logo travel mugs and shirts, there are plenty of ways you could improve on the way you promote your brand and business.

Why mugs?

One of the best promotional products you can go for is mugs, cups, and tumblers. They’re portable and easy to carry around. Self-growth says giving out these mugs to existing and potential customers help you spread the word about your service and brand. The more customers use those mugs, the more chances you have of getting new business.

Promote on the go

Another great thing about promotional custom logo travel mugs is that they are portable, says the Top Ten Reviews. Unlike static ads, where basically the same people see your ads every day, mugs are much more portable, can go to a number of places and have a wider reach. So you get to promote your business on the go at no extra cost.

Consumer connection

These mugs are also incredibly easy to personalize so you can build up on your consumer relationship. If you want to make your loyal, long-time customers feel special, you could personalize these mugs with your customer’s names or render them in their favorite colors. That’s sure to be a hit with existing and potential consumers.

Less costs

These mugs are also less expensive than spending millions on advertising just for a TV commercial or billboard. You won’t have to drain your capital dry just to promote your business, a new service or product. You can easily produce these mugs, distribute them and wait for the promotion to do its work. Done right, you could rack up a lot of consumer interest and attention that could translate to more traffic to your site and a spike in your online sales. Imagine all that happening at less cost to you.

Different styles and designs

There are plenty of styles, colors, sizes, shapes and designs you can choose from. Scour around your consumer base and ask. Get feedback. This should help you figure out which styles and colors will probably be a hit with your target market.

Useful and durable

Mugs and tumblers are more than just eye-candy, says The Art of Marketing. They’re functional and durable so they’ll be around for plenty of years. Compare that to ads that tend to get replaced a lot in the course of months. With mugs, you get promotional items that last longer. So you won’t have to keep spending on new batches of promotional mugs every six months or so.


So don’t just rely on traditional ways to advertise and promote your brand and business. Experiment with unique ideas. With the right promotional items, you can easily improve the level of consumer interest and attention coming your way.