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Introduction: RxJava, Reactor, Reasons to Migrate

My Background

Various well-known Cryptocurrency icons. Photo retrieved from Google images, original author unknown.

1. Freeze your credit.

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1. Find a good deal on a venue


  • Product design: leading brainstorming sessions and fleshing out my team’s initial solution and refinements.
  • Creating prototypes: designed and created a paper prototype for cooking, including an adjustable stove.
  • Quality assurance: ensuring that all written deliverables maintained high level of professionalism.

The Space Needle houses an Arduino which allows interactive behavior when it is connected to the base.

Project Overview

(A simple economic check that could have prevented the 2018 Bancor hack)

Team Formation Phase

  1. Figure out what you want to work on. Teams will not work…

James Gan

SWE 2 @ PayPal. M.S. ’20 @ GT. B.A. '18 @ Cornell.

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