The strange story of the depths of the unconscious

Photo by Daniel Öberg on Unsplash

The three parts of every mind

Image by Mote Oo Education from Pixabay (edited)

How to ensure that death finds you alive

The origins Analytic vs. Continental divide in 20th century philosophy

Image composite created by author (image #1, image #2)

Why moths fly into flames and what it has to do with the end of humanity

Composite by author (Image #1; Image #2)

Why Buddhism is a religion and why some people want to argue that it isn’t

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

The Ancient Greek terms that point the two ways to transformation

Dante by Agnolo Bronzino (via Wikimedia; Public Domain)


Everyone’s favourite American philosopher (and favourite to hate) on why philosophy’s not about having “subtle thoughts” but about loving wisdom so much that you “live according to its dictates”

Image by Author (composite of Thoreau and Walden)

“Cato made a career out of purity, out of his refusal to give an inch in the face of pressure to compromise and deal. [His political approach was] designed to…

The Ancient Greek philosopher who developed the first theory of evolution

Composite of Empedocles by Luca Signorelli (Public Domain)

The Living Philosophy of Cato the Younger — the Roman Socrates

Jean-Baptiste Roman’s Cato (Image via Wikipedia: Public Domain)

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