Know More About Popular Natural Lyme Protocol

Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria which comes from a tick or an insect bite. Mostly, it is caused by the bacteria borrelia burgdorferi that spreads from the bite of a tick found in deer called the black-legged tick. Some recent researches have revealed that certain other insects, spiders, fleas and mosquitoes are also responsible for the spread of the Lyme disease. The numbers are at an all time high as approximately 300,000 Americans suffer from the problem every year and seek treatment for it. The symptoms of the disease are similar to a flu such as muscle pain, headache, fatigue, loss of sleep, etc. As the bacteria spreads in the body it leads to a series of autoimmune reactions and can affect the nervous system, heart and joints.

There are a plethora of tests available these days to diagnose the disease such as the ELISA test and the Western blot test as well as direct microscopy. Most doctors prescribe antibiotics for the infection over a course of few weeks. However, since the disease leads to auto-immune reactions, it affects different people differently and all may not respond to the antibiotics. Also, medication only treats a part of the disease but not the infection in its entirety and it can also weaken the immunity if used for a long time. This is due to the fact that antibiotics not only deactivate the Lyme disease bacteria but also the good bacteria. These medicines can lead a number of side-effects and pregnant women should not consume them. That is why it is advisable to follow the popular natural Lyme protocol — Borrelogen which has been the primary anchor in helping the body heal itself from the disease.

Borrelogen supports the body to bring into balance the profuseness of all of the pleomorphic levels of bacterial spirochete known as Borrelia burgdorferi, and the frequently seen co-infections of Babesia microti, Human monocytic and granulocytic Ehrlichia, in addition to the numerous and multifaceted elusive Human Herpes Viruses, including the HHV-6. Borrelogen is an amalgamation of botanicals exclusively chosen to aid the body identify and kill the Lyme bacteria. To ensure safety, the toxicity testing of Borrelogen was done and it was found to be absolutely non-toxic as per the FDA guidelines. This is the reason why people are turning to home allergy remedy as they have no side-effects.

However, you must know that it helps with Lyme bacteria and viruses and not with toxins or other bacterial infections. You must consult a doctor and consume other products to heal your body. Lyme disease is complicated infection that is why use must adhere to a 6-month protocol.

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