Basement Waterproofing Toronto: Explained

I like to think of my home’s basement as its heart. I mean, it may be found on the bottom lowest part of our homes. But it’s literally our home’s foundation. That’s why as homeowners, it’s our utmost responsibility to protect our home’s foundation. But how, you ask? Well, by making sure that we get the best exterior basement waterproofing Toronto or any city, has to offer. We clearly need to waterproof our basement for some obvious reasons, like environmental factors. Nevertheless, we should also answer some of the most common questions in the process. And, well, decided if our basement really needs any type of waterproofing.

What is exterior basement waterproofing Toronto?

Basically, it’s the process of waterproofing the exterior of our basements. But why just the exterior, you ask? We’re not saying it’s the only thing to safeguard your basement. Rather, it’s the best way to start protecting your basement. Here are some of the advantages:

● Avoid structural damage

Of course, protection is always better than cure, or in this case reconstruction, right? So, protect your home from any damages, like leaks and cracks. Make sure to you get foundation waterproofing service especially if you’ve just finished constructing your home.

● Protect your possessions in your basement

We also often treat our basements as a storage area. Some of our possessions are there. And we don’t want to damage these, right? So, better protect your things by protecting your basement too. Waterproof it to ensure safety and longevity of your things.

● Avoid mildew and molds in your basement

Wet and moist areas are the favorite places of mold and mildew. And what’s worse is these can cause respiratory problems to our family and us. Especially if it’s not resolved immediately. So, what should we do then? Prevent them from entering our home.

Why do I need exterior basement waterproofing Toronto?

We’ve come up with the advantages of waterproofing your basement’s exterior, but we can still add more.

● Protect your home’s market price

Nobody wants to buy a home with a damp or even flooding basement, right? So, if you’re planning to sell your home then protect its value.

● Make your home safer

Some of our kids, nieces, or nephews may accidentally play hide and seek in the basement. And molds and mildews may harm them, especially those with asthma, even adults too! So, make sure that your basements dry for your family’s health and safety.

What are the types of exterior basement waterproofing Toronto?

● Installing water drainage

The most basic and common waterproofing method. Sump pumps are located away from our homes and must be sealed.

● This is done by exposing your wall, cleaning it and sealing exterior basement wall. A sealing material is applied to the foundation, like rubber. Polyethylene film is then added to leakproof the exterior of your basement wall.

There are also other things you should consider. Like, you have to ask around and find basement waterproofing cost. For me, this is the most important and, well, a deal breaker. That’s why I suggest that you have to find a free quote of the service first before closing a deal.

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