On Your Way to the Camps, I Just Want You to Know…
Aaron Loeb

  • Create a national registry of Muslims and bar them from the country

That is a figment of your imagination. Trump’s goal was to stop importing refugees from countries controlled by terrorists (Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia) because with terrorists in control there is no possible way for the State Department, CIA or FBI to check out refugees.

France and Belgium had an open door policy and look what it has cost them.

  • Increase the militarization of the police

He believes in supporting the police, if that involves more militarization then that is the way it goes although I actually don’t recall him using the term “militarization.” What do you support the “militarization” of thugs, the Black Lives Matter crowd.

  • Start a trade war with China

No what he wants is a renegotiation with China and end to China’s dumping of steel, goods, substandard goods and currency manipulation which is costing us hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs.

  • Torture

Yep, he did say that. I disagree but we also need a clear definition of torture. Making them listen to “Babs” 24 hours a day is cruel and unusual I grant you but not sure that is torture.

  • Violate the Geneva Conventions, including intentionally murdering the wives and children of suspected terrorists

United States is doing that right now in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria under Obama and did it in Libya at the instigation of Hillary Clinton. She laughed about getting Qadaffi and his son murdered, and his wives and daughters were killed in an air strike directed against where we thought he was one night. You think Obama gives a tinker’s damn about who is in the compound when he orders a drone to launch Hellfire on some compound where we think one of the Taliban is located?

  • Create criminal penalties for women seeking abortions

Bad statement on his part. Trump is not really all that interested in the abortion issue. What he was saying was that if you make abortion illegal, then you must attach a consequence to that. Abortion is a contentious issue and a difficult one because like the “slavery question” of the 19th Century it involves when does a “being” get rights under our constitution.

What we need is an honest, frank conversation about the issue.

I would rather have the Trumpster than the crook. You may want a country where there is one set of laws for the rich and another for the working class and poor but I don’t.

I have been in a bunch of Banana Republics and they are not anything to desire.