So Think Progress agrees w/Clinton:
(((Adam Smith)))

I take your point, but your arithmetic contains incorrect assumptions. Agreeing with Clinton’s statement, implies that ThinkProgress agrees that 1/4 of All _people-who-support-either-Trump-or-Clinton are racist (And “racist” isn’t really accurate either–her claim actually referred to a group of “ists”.). But many Americans do not support either candidate, because they dislike/distrust both, like an independent candidate better, don’t feel any good candidates have been offered, or don’t care about American politics. You have to subtract all those before your 1/2 of a 1/2 calculation works. (It’s also true that her claim, at least taken in isolation, was not limited to Americans. If there are Trump supporters outside the U.S., then it’s possible that the number of people she referred to is more than the equivalent of 1/4 of all Americans…

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