Creating a ‘Massive’ Lead — Archived Post

James Hamann
3 min readMay 24, 2017


I stumbled across this old archived post of mine from close to 4 years back about creating a lead EDM sound using Massive. Hope you enjoy.

Native Instruments’ well known plug-in ‘massive’ is used widely among edm producers and considered one of the best edm plug-ins available on the market. I’m going to show you the basics and a few presets you can try. Even if you don’t have massive, you can still apply the basic principles in any other synthesizer.

Firstly, lets look at the main section of the plug-in. Obviously, if you wanted to, you can search through all the presets, and some are actually really good, but it’s more fun to make your own sound, in my opinion anyway. I’m using Logic, and will be for most production based blog posts.

It may look complicated but it’s really not. On the left you got your oscillators, choose the type of waveform you want. Seeing as we want something resembling an EDM lead lets change each of the wave settings to ‘square-saw-1’ and dial up all 3 of the parameters in the oscillator section. Also, to give the sound a bit of depth, change the pitch of the first oscillator by 0.10 and do the same to the third oscillator but by -0.15. Yeah that’s right minus, so we’ve increased the pitch on one oscillator and decreased it on another. At the moment this may sound quite confusing but stick with it. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake, most awesome sounds are made because of mistakes so play around and explore.

The final product should look something like this:

This is just a very simple start. You can use this as a lead synth, but try building on it, or try changing the waveform and see what results you get. It’s all about experimentation. An EDM track usually has a strong lead sound, and these sounds take time to craft. They aren’t just pre-sets found in the box, the way to make your lead sound stand out is to actually make a lead sound. Make it unique. By doing this, it’ll make your track stand out, and you’ll develop your ‘sound’ and this is what your fans will identify you by. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things.

Massive is a very powerful synthesizer plug-in, I highly recommend saving up to purchase a copy of the software. This won’t be the last time I do a post on massive, so don’t worry if you’re aching to find out more, there will be more in the near future. If, however, you want to ask any questions or are confused by anything, feel free to contact me, just click on my contact page and fill out the form.

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