Deploy your Jekyll Site using AWS Amplify — with only a few clicks

AWS recently unveiled the new AWS Amplify Console. Having used the Amplify library, it’s great to see it continually grow from strength to strength. It’s described as:

“a continuous deployment and hosting service for modern web applications with serverless backends.”

This is perfect for static site generators like Jekyll or Hugo and makes it even easier to deploy your website on AWS; it can be completed within a minute!

First, login to the AWS console and search for AWS Amplify in the services dropdown.

You’ll be greeted with the option to either develop or deploy, as we’re deploying our jekyll site, we’ll want to click on the Deploy option.

From here you can connect to your repo service provider, you’ll then be asked to authorise amplify so it’s able to read from your repos. After authorisation, select your repo from the dropdown list and select the master branch.

Once this is done, hit next and you’ll be taken to your build config yml file.

Amplify recognises it’s a Jekyll site and has a template ready to go, if required you can edit this within the browser.

That’s it! After you hit Save & Deploy on the final screen, your app will be built and deployed on AWS. As well as this, free https is included and your site is distributed by default through Amplify’s CDN.

Once your build is complete, click the URL and you’ll be able to see your website!

If you own a domain, you’re even able to configure this in a few clicks over on the Domain Management screen.

Every subsequent push to the Master branch will trigger another build, meaning the process of deployment is completely automated — allowing you to focus on your site.

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