Displaying Medium Posts on Your Jekyll Website

James Hamann
May 9, 2017 · 4 min read
require 'feedjira'module Jekyll
class MediumPostDisplay < Generator
safe true
priority :high
def generate(site)
jekyll_coll = Jekyll::Collection.new(site, 'external_feed')
site.collections['external_feed'] = jekyll_coll
Feedjira::Feed.fetch_and_parse("https://medium.com/feed/@YOUR_MEDIUMUSERNAME").entries.each do |e|
p "Title: #{e.title}, published on Medium #{e.url} #{e}"
title = e[:title]
content = e[:content]
guid = e[:url]
path = "./_external_feed/" + title + ".md"
path = site.in_source_dir(path)
doc = Jekyll::Document.new(path, { :site => site, :collection => jekyll_coll })
doc.data['title'] = title;
doc.data['feed_content'] = content;
jekyll_coll.docs << doc
$ touch medium_post_display.rb
RSS Feed for my Medium Profile
- external_feed
layout: default
<section id="main" class="wrapper style1">
<header class="major">
{% for e in site.external_feed %}
<h2>{{ e.title }}</h2>
<p>{{ e.feed_content }}</p>
{% endfor %}
<section class="special">
<ul class="actions">
<li><a href="{{ site.baseurl }}{{ e.url }}" class="button {% cycle '', 'alt'%}">Read More</a></li>

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