Previously I posted about Gamification and why it’s important to consider when building your app/product. In this post I’ll briefly explain a few techniques you could consider for your own app.

Loyalty Card

I think I mentioned this in the previous post, but it’s the simplest and easiest way to get a new customer to return. They’re incentivised to get another stamp and complete the collection in order to get a prize or a free gift of some sort. This is such a simple, cost effective way to ensure repeat customers. It can also attract new customers, it’s a great way to not only keep customers but grow your customer base.

Leaderboard/Points System

No matter what people tell you, everyone has some form of competitiveness in them. Through introducing a points system or even a lead board of sorts, customers or employees are motivated to up their points tally. Try to target whatever the core mechanic of your app is, make the users keep wanting to do it over and over again. The more they use your application/product the more likely they are to share and recommend it, further growing your user base.


Similar to points I guess, but users should receive special badges for doing s certain activity. I used this example in my previous post, but Snapchat add a 🔥 when a user snaps a friend for 3 days consecutively within 24 hours. The idea is they reach a streak, and by doing so they earn this special, exclusive badge. This can be replicated in other apps quite easily, add something different or special that the user has to work towards to obtain. Then as a further mechanic, ensure they have to keep doing what they’re doing in order to keep the badge, that way they’re motivated to keep using your app, otherwise they loose their badge. It sound silly, but stuff like this really does get users engaged in an app.


Again, this will bring some competitiveness out but it’s a good way to get the brand out there and also to get people using your app/product. For example if you’re marketing something, you could set a challenge up for people to share the most creative picture with your product. This is great because you’ll be getting free advertising to their followers, which would generate new users and it may even generate some buzz and excitement around your product if enough people are doing it.

Progress Tracker

This is slightly different from the others, but will almost definitely encourage users to spend more time in your application. For example LinkedIn had a profile strength tracker, this told the user how ‘strong’ their profile was, or in other words how much more they needed to do until their profile was complete. It made the process quite fun because with each enhancement you made to your profile, you felt like you were becoming an ‘expert’ and you could see the changes in your profile. What once was a empty, sorry looking profile, is now full of content with a progress bar labelling you an ‘expert.’ This was a great way to get people to actually finish their profiles to a high standard, without making it too tedious.


This is just a brief overview of some of the most simple, popular ways in which you can implement ganification. At the end of the day you’re looking to attract new users whilst boosting current users’ engagement levels. Gamifiaction goes a long way to achieving both these things. If I come across any more ideas I’ll be sure to update this post.

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