Makers Academy First Day

James Hamann
1 min readAug 17, 2016

So, I’ve been a little bad writing blog posts so these next few are written on the same day, but are about different days, if that makes sense.

So, the day had arrived, the first day of Makers Academy, and whilst I didn’t really know what to expect, I was positive and quite excited. It was nice to finally meet everyone as I had not had the opportunity to meet properly during the pre-course, so it was good being able to put names to faces.

The structure of the day was quite strange in that there were a lot of talks, and a lot of breaks, initially there was an introduction into the course and we played a few icebreaker games, we then had an introductory session into meditation, another talk, and a few more afterwards. Although it sounds quite straight forward, I thought there were a lot of breaks and that at points the day kind of stalled. It was still exciting talking and meeting people, but I would have thought one or two longer, more focused talks in the morning could have been more useful than a few scattered around the day, however it did give a chance to socialise and meet new people, which was good!

Overall, it was a great first day and even though we only coded for like the last hour, it set a good foundation for what lay ahead and eased us into the course quite nicely.