Pre-Course Week 3

Monday Check-In

James Hamann
2 min readAug 1, 2016

After barely finishing week 2’s exercises on Monday morning (and going slightly over into Monday afternoon), I keenly awaited Week 3’s challenge.

After receiving the email of this weeks challenge, it seemed quite straightforward and after what I had previously gone through in Week 2, I felt more ready and more keen to push on. The learning objectives for the week included going and learning more Ruby and reaching between 60–75 points on Codewars. I felt ready, and with the main bits of the move over, I felt I could focus more and give more energy to this week’s objectives.

The challenge for the week is to build a simple, but functional Student Directory, using Ruby and running everything from the command line. I started going through the steps and found myself a lot more familiar with things, I was comfortable with the command line and making/removing directories, and before I realised I had set a new project up, initialised a local repo, connected it to github and added a readme file. It all happened so quickly and even though there were steps to follow, I found the process quite natural and I never really came across any struggles or problems. I then realised, after only two weeks of part-time work, I had come quite far and it gave me confidence moving forward knowing that I was moving in the right direction.

I could be saying this all too soon as I have only spent a day working through this weeks challenge’s, however, so far, I feel better placed and more confident in what I am doing, which is nice. Lets hope things stay that way.