The Reasons I Failed the 30 day Post Challenge

So it’s no secret I failed quite badly on the 30 day posting challenge. I made it to day 8, which is terrible. So instead of carrying on and making an excuse, I figured I’d get to the bottom of why I actually failed and the reasons behind it.

1). Missing One Post

You’re probably thinking no shit, right. But missing just one day broke a small habit I had built over that first week. I thought it’s ok if it’s one day, I’ll just make it up the following day by writing two posts. This didn’t work out too well, as I was heading into a busy weekend, so I realised I’d probably have to miss another day. This mindset kept going until the 3rd day, where I realised I had fucked it. I didn’t beat myself up about it or anything, it was actually nice to get a chance to realise why I had failed.

2). Lack of Post Topics

So this would’ve become evident as my final post was an archived post from an old blog I did about music production. I liked to blog about things I had done or things I was doing, but at the same time I didn’t want to end up repeating myself or writing pointless blog posts just to fill my quota. I mentioned I’d look at Quora, which was helpful, but there were times where I either wasn’t interested in what was being asked or I was just too lazy to research the question and write a post on it. Bad, I know. The lack of new content and the lack of time to actually plan new content, was another reason I failed.

3). Not setting aside dedicated time

Whilst I did time block when I would blog, I’d find myself doing other things during that time. For example I’d be running or cycling, and then that would bleed over into other time, so it’s my fault for not properly adjusting my time. If I missed a slot to blog, I’d just leave it for another day, which piled up too much in the end.


Those are the three main reasons I failed. Instead of restarting the challenge, I’ve decided to carry on blogging regularly. I won’t be sticking to a number of posts per day, but my main focus will be quality over quantity. Instead of uploading posts for the sake of it to meet a daily quota, I’ll be writing relevant, thought out posts.

One positive thing this challenge highlighted was that I do enjoy writing posts on here. It motivated me to write more valuable posts, but also re-affirmed the fact that quality is better than quantity.

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