Dear James,
David Holdridge

Dear David

Thank you for getting back to me.

Your worries about your unfamiliarity with this site are unfounded. I received your two messages. I am rather new here and am finding my way round too.

Reading between the lines, you have had a fascinating life and your writing is enriched by your experience of it.

Thank you for the link to your book. Well done in that regard and all the best with your second of which I have just read an excerpt. On the basis of that alone, I am not at all surprised that you are being published. Please do send me more on RT. I would be pleased to look at it.

As for my writing, I do short prose and poetry. But I am also a novel writer. I have written one, with which I have had many breaks, being read by a famous UK novelist, whom I met by chance on holiday and shared two full days with driving round Scotland, now in Penguin Classics and by his London agent. The book has had some rave reviews, but the problem remains of finding someone to believe in me enough to take me on as new writer.

I have written 70,000 words of a second novel, now in the bottom drawer, which I dislike as it is ill-written stream of consciousness writing, unlike your own, put to paper by pen at a rate of 20 pages a day. I am still musing over resurrecting it with a complete rewrite. It would be a pity to lose the plot line, as it has in my view some inherent value.

I am working on a third novel currently.

If you would like to read one of my humorous short pieces of prose, try ‘The Lightness of Choux Pastry’ under my name on this site. It has won prizes and was published in a private anthology together with others’ writing. Likewise ‘On writing freely’ another humorous short piece of prose on here is worth a look.

You can find me as James Hanna-Magill on Facebook. Feel free to message me there. No obligation. Entirely up to you. But I would be pleased to strike up contact.

Feel free to respond here and / or on Facebook.

Best wishes either way


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