Why “Don’t Worry About Money, Just Travel” Is The Worst Advice Of All Time
Human Parts

Definitely agree with the perspective here, going travelling is amazing and can offer amazing insight into the world and varying cultures, and how you can go about helping humanity and the planet. But alot of young people live their travels through their smartphone lens and are only gratified when they receive likes or assurance that their trip is amazing through social media. I think people forget just how many people they are sharing their experiences with, 90% of the people on your friends list either a) don’t care or b) get jealous and upset at seeing such amazing travels and feel upset about their own situation. I have felt exactly the same way at seeing other peoples travel photos, until recently I went on a trip and forwent the smartphone and de activated and deleted all social media and as a result, I believe, had a much more memorable and fulfilling experience and when I got back, shared photos and videos with the important people in my life and it was great.

I can see though from a few comments that people are taking this article as an attack on people that travel, which it is not at all, and it actually is encouraging travel, only discouraging the notion that travelling is the most important thing and what ‘makes you grow the most’, and that people who aren’t in a position to travel have chosen money over travel. I think everyone has a different concept of what ‘travelling’ is and their idea of a travelling experience. You don’t just jump on a plane overseas, take a couple of happy snaps, stay in a hotel majority of the time, go shopping and party and suddenly that makes you a more fulfilled or experienced person. So the notion of ‘how’ you travel is an important factor here I think.