Although I can wrap my head around the concept of this article, I think it’s extremely generalizing…
Stephanie smith

I think you may have missed the point of the article, the writer is not generalising or referring to all young people that make the decision to travel as going through ‘their inexistent parents trust fund’, nor is she saying ‘not’ to travel. The message is, for the people who are privileged that can travel, and do have that safety net to fall back on in terms of financial stability in their immediate family, to not go around telling everyone else to travel like you do and think that it is the most important thing because you don’t know everyones individual situation. Too often their are young people posting their amazing lives on social media of them always travelling and to ‘go travel’ and ‘leave your pathetic life behind’ quotes etc. rather than empowering people to find the positives in every situation, even if that is staying home and working to support yourself or your family, in a job that you may or may not like.

So many people nowadays, especially young people, live their travels through their camera lens anyway and forgo the experience of growth for likes and satisfaction from people at home that they are having an amazing holiday. What kind of trip is that? I get that you want to share your experiences, but seriously, take your photos and videos and share it with the important people in your life when you get back, not the thousands of friends you have on facebook. Majority of those people don’t even care.

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