Athletes Training Badly

Everyone is freaking out because DeMarcus Ware put a video on Facebook where he appears to be using — wait for it — less than ideal hang clean form.

To annoy everyone who thinks this is a problem, I have made a special montage of athletes doing things which the internet does not approve of.

Here is Ricky Bruch doing massive cheat curls / curl grip cleans. He is doing them primarily because he hates his spine and not because he felt like breaking the world discus record in ‘72, I mean, who would want that.

Here is Ricky Bruch, again, pounding his spine into dust. What a maroon. Did you know he won Bronze in the Munich Olympics?

This is a Hungarian training video from ‘03. This guy is a hammer thrower. If only he knew what we knew, silly man.

This is an assistance exercise used by Soviet-era javelin throwers. What did the Soviets ever know about track and field sports?

This is Usain Bolt, the fastest man ever, diminishing the quality of his repeated world records through bad power cleans. Has he no SHAME?

Sarcasm over.

I can find a hundred gifs of awesome athletes not doing the ‘right’ thing.

(I can find thousands of hammer, discus and javelin throwers breaking all your rules about spinal flexion and rotation!)

These movements are designed to create a training effect, not fulfill your personal expectations of what constitutes correct. That’s all.