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Hello Andrew! I love the internet.

I am suddenly riven with uncertainty as to whether or not Fiske apologized. I was *certain* she had, especially considering that remark was originally not intended for publication, and was redacted from the formal/official position of her statement. I will amend the record if she hasn’t.

I honestly can’t help but like her — she feels under great pressure to respond, and that she should say something, and she does. This is a motivation I understand, even if I disagree with a lot of what she’s said about… well, about a lot of things.

Who concerns and interests me more are the dozens of people who wrote to her, after pinning her colours to the mast, to say ‘great job, you said what I was thinking, but I can’t say it myself’.

… Why? What? Who can’t say this? I have the same problem with I have a marvelous experimental demonstration of some effect that people think is rubbish, but I am afraid to publish it. What are you afraid of, if you feel you are correct? If there’s a party I don’t trust here, it’s people who feel like they can’t represent their own arguments.

Thank you for stopping by to leave the above. It’s a great perspective for the article.

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