The “10,000-Hour” Myth: Why Deliberate Practice Isn’t Enough to Succeed
Melissa Chu

I think success begets success. For example, if you spend 8 hours/day doing something you’re terrible at, you probably won’t learn or get better. But if you do something in small enough chunks that you get it , you could probably get really good at anything. So to me, it’s all about How you practice. Totally hear you about the genes component, though, haha. I myself do NOT have the sprinter gene and never fared well in gym class.

But I do know that I could play pieces at the piano and suck for hours but as soon as I’d try practicing “hands separately” my brain would suddenly absorb the information and it would become EASIER to do the same task.

I think anything can be broken down to nuts and bolts enough that it can be practiced, and from then anyone can become good.

Like essay writing. It’s not about writing with really pretty language or really long words, it’s about structure and ensuring order on every level of organization, from sentence to paragraphs. If you do not practice that dogma of essay writing folks will not regard your writing as being good, no matter what points you make or what your genetics.

Anyways I enjoyed reading that and it made me feel better. ☺