Planatar fasciitis insoles explained

Just thinking about plantar fasciitis (plan-tar fass-E-eye-tis) will make even the most hardy of sportsmen and sportswomen cringe.

Not only does the name sound scary, the amount of people that have suffered its wrath of agonizing heel pain will stop you in your tracks.

In the running and endurance world, plantar fasciitis is a mainstay and common topic of discussion. Less discussed though is the enormous amount of average non-athletes that also suffer from the disease.

Let’s look at the facts, dispel the myths, and offer up our favorite remedy.

What is the plantar fascia?

The plantar fascia is a broad connective structure that runs the length of the bottom of your foot. It acts like a big rubber band connecting your heel to your toes. The plantar fascia plays a crucial role in helping your foot transition into the propulsive phase of the gait cycle.

The Gait Cycle

Like a shock absorber on a car, the foot has two primary motions: a compression phase, called pronation, and a propulsive phase, called supination.

The trouble comes when the foot pronates for a longer period than it should. Like a shock absorber that is already fully compressed (or close to it) at a moment of impact, the shock bottoms out and the ride is a lot less comfortable. When a foot remains pronated for a longer period, it may affect how it absorbs impact and may make standing, walking or running a lot less comfortable.

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis pain is inflammation caused by excessive stretching of the plantar fascia. An unstable foot may lead to additional stress placed on the plantar fascia during walking, running and prolonged standing. This is the most common cause of “heel pain,” though the heel is not the only area in which the plantar fascia can become inflamed.

What are symptoms of plantar fasciitis?

Symptoms include pain and inflammation across the bottom of your foot near the heel. You’ll most likely feel it when you first get out of bed, or after a day spent on your feet.

What causes plantar fasciitis?

The band of tissue loses elasticity over time for a variety of reasons, including sports activity, prolonged standing, and high stress or pressure under the heel. Runners, people who are overweight and those who have inadequate support in their footwear are most at risk of developing plantar fasciitis.

Is plantar fasciitis treatable?

You bet! Talk to your doctor. When treated, symptoms typically disappear within one year for 80% of patients thanks to a variety of therapies* such as:

o Foot and lower leg stretching exercises
 o Reducing the duration and intensity of your activties to limit the amount of stress on the plantar fascia 
 o Using Superfeet insoles

How Nuovahealth insoles can help with plantar fasciitis

Nuovahealth insoles’ contured shape stabilizes the feet, helping reduce some of the stress on the plantar fascia. The structured heel cup positions the soft tissue under the heel bone to help reduce the effect of impact forces on the already inflamed structure. By giving feet the stability and comfort they need, Nuovahealth insoles do more than remedy most cases of plantar fasciitis, they may also help prevent it from happening in the first place.

I enjoyed the plantar fasciitis article but it did not indicate which Superfeet insole to use for PF.

Which product is recommended for plantar fasciitis?

By John on 04/08/2015

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By Tyler McCracken on 04/27/2015

Where is the arch supposed to fit? under my natural arch or right after the heel? And which is the best insole for Plasntar Fascitis, blue or green?

By Mariana on 05/01/2015

what color insole do you recommend for plantar fasciitis? Almost a year with the condition, would love some relief!

By Virginia on 05/04/2015

Would like to see an answer posted regarding which sole is recommended for PF sufferers — year 3, both feet and in a mood right now.

By Janis on 05/13/2015

All the NuovahealthInsoles are appropiate for Plantar Fasciitis. The issues is more towards profile (meaning the amount of support) for those that are low, neutral, to high arched and the amount of volume (or space) available in one’s shoe. See our attached article for some explaination of the difference between the superfeet insoles at:

By Tyler McCracken on 05/14/2015

So, in other words, there is no specific measurement I can make that best determines the correct color. Terms like low, neutral and high are so vague that they are useless.

By rich on 06/10/2015

This story practically mrirors mine! I have the dreaded heel spur’ and I usually don’t notice it. It’s only when I spend too long in the wrong shoes or go without my orthotics in my runners that it gets tender.I also hated that I had to wear my shoes all the time for a month or so after that last (and worst) flare up but once the pain was gone I was back to barefeet and haven’t had any issues so far.If I feel my plantar is getting a little iffy I start Doing my ABC’s’ each night when I go to bed. Basically I lay back, stick the niggly foot in the air and write the alphabet with pointed toes. I find this loosens things up and keeps me from flare ups!I hope everything the doctor has suggested works quickly and you are pain free super fast ps. Longest comment ever, sorry!

By Anastasija on 06/18/2015

Kristin- Love your comment! It’s awylas nice to know that someone else is having the same issues I am and to know what they do to handle them. I love the Alphabet exercise and will try that myself. So far my foot is already feeling better and is much less stiff first thing in the morning. I’m hoping it will be completely better in 3–4 weeks.

By Rocky on 06/18/2015

I’ve suffered with P.F. for years now and your avdcie is good avdcie: prevention is much better than trying to cure it given there are no legitimate medical treatments for P.F. quite yet.

By Tiago on 06/18/2015

But, you should rebemmer that while there has been some positive data associated with laser therapy studies have been inconsistent in both format and results.

By Prince on 06/18/2015

Actually high heels are better as they force the weihgt to the ball of the foot. You may wish to tie you rfeet at night. Tie the toes/ballof foot to ypur calve or ankle so that the bottom of the foot is stretched backwards. Rolling pin on the bottom before you go to bed or are watching TV. Exercise the plantar fascia ligament whenever you are standing. Putting on makeup, on the phone, waiting in line. Up and down on your toes. Comfortable shoes are a must. Heel cushions too.

By Takuya on 06/18/2015

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