Here is how I see it .. Like it or lump it.. .


Private Industry is needed for research for innovation. Here I agree. But more importantly incentive is needed. Like people having disease or terminal illness. I believe these things serve a great incentive. I think the best way to get funds for this is to offer a tax write off. This decouples the profit motive from the much needed problem solving.

All drug and medical research should be a 501(c)3 organization and open sourced.

Delivery of care should be technology centered. We need to eliminate the government bottle necks on service delivery. For example Lasik is now 1/100th costs of what it was when the prices began. And because it is not a insurance covered procedure. Innovation DROVE the prices down. Another example was Pancreatic Cancer tests. They used to costs thousands because of the pricing not being transparent. Again a 17 yro in his garage and with some used lab equip and Google. Created a test that was more accurate and costs just dollars compared to hundreds. Allowing for the constant testing of people everywhere.

Dr’s and Nurses OH! MY!

The people in the industry needed to be focused on the people in their hospitals and waiting rooms. This can be done by increasing the competition of technology and insuring implementation by the industry. For example the intention of the PPACA was hoping for some of this when it instituted a conversion incentive for hospitals and Dr’s alike. And then followed with a penalty to further the conversion. This is one of the many ways that government fails in understanding the all sweeping and powerful changes that can come from unbridled market forces. For example if the laws allowed for more transparent pricing and individualized services. Like a labs that are open 24/7 in a big box store or all non-addictive medications available 24/7 without scripts. These are just a couple of ways to take some of the mundane work load off of Dr’s and the hospital community. This would make it easier for the industry to ‘fill-in’ the gaps that are created.

These simple strategic points would dramatically change how the industry functions and how much money is needed to run the services..

Now there are many in the system who would complain about this and now be happy with this system. But that is usually the case when people have to ‘up’ their game in what they do. I personally have been through many changes in the financial industry.

My advice to them .. SUCK IT UP!!