Some old poems ..

So when I would get emotional I would create poetry. It is by no means Longfellow. But some of it is pretty good.

Judge for yourself below!

People Push (date unkown) Author James H Lewis II

People push me

Tell me to be quiet

Yet they don’t..

See what they ask

is to silence me

I go into the world with my soul on my side

But as I travel it is often from myself hide.

I hurt yet can’t cry outloud

I am angry but can’t stop the crowd

I am lost but I can be seen

It is the mask I’m behind is killing me

I smile and laugh naturally

I pout and mope unintentionally

But there is a time when

All I do is never ever me

Peope around me hide you see

But I can tell what they say

Is not really what it should be

Because of my state of depressed reality.

Girl Next Door

Girl of mystery

Girl next door

When did she move next to me

Havent I seen her before

Witty and sparkling

Her nature is sure

My dog keeps barking

Girl next door

She wont say hi to me

Maybe she is more

Beauty and what could be

Girl next door


Passion burning me like fire

Can I excape the simple desires

I want to run from the easy thing

I want to create the real meaning

Simple and mixed the thoughts together

Passion the fuel to burn whatever

Rationale is exscaping my fevered grasps

Emotion is burning I just hope to last

Where I am welcomed I can not go

Repeat the same crimes I would I know

Passions and intimate fellings and wantings

Will these thoughts be forever haunting

Ghosts of past passions shared

Desires burning my flesh in bed

Finding nothing with all the others

Only hoping to bond with another

My Own Prison

Rage the fire of my soul

Burn in me a permanent hole

One where emotions can not live

Empty me of this pain I have to give

Hollow dusts settle on my being

Marks my soul for extra cleaning

Could I empty this dirty place

I just want out of the emotions race

I cant find that place to run

Everywhere I go I am the one

Hide inside the walls so cold

But there is my fear until I'm old

In my death there is no release

For on my soul demons will feast

With the emotions I didnt share

Burned my soul for an eternity there


Wounded heart about to mend

Borrow strength from the well within

Can you use all that is there

And repair that open tear

Can you find the healing words

Can you get what you deserve

Will you make someone else to blame

Or will you kick this cursed thing

The burden that is yours alone

The ache that came and made a home

Pain that wretched your soul in two

Now with strength make yourself anew

You have now made your heart the best

Of what god gave me and put to a test

With this newly healed heart in me

Share it I will for all to see.


You are there again ..

in my minds eye..

you are there again everywhere I spy..

woman of shape without form..

where were you until now ..

how is it you are there ..

shapely and hinting ..

teasing me ..

what are you doing to my sanity..

what is it that you want from me..

haunting me in my dreams..

can I run .. it doesn’t seem..

your eyes are piercing into my soul ..

where do you hunt ..that you see me so..

what are you after .. name your prize

I am yours to keep ..

just walk in and have me at your feet..

but please get out of my private thoughts

you have not earned that sacred spot..

Be direct and walk on in..

let your pleasure with me truly begin..

can you handle what I got..