The California Dream Starts at Home
Gavin Newsom

I think we need to treat the homeless not as burden, but an asset that can be turned around and made into productive citizens that can contribute back to the economy and community. We look down on the homeless, yet many before they became homeless had many skill sets. We need to have better assessments of this valuable human resource. Housing issue is a key and if we can provide a stable environment for these people and provide life coaches to help get give these people hope with a plan of action to realize their lost dreams. I believe mentoring is one of the most valuable component to help people off the street and it would not be a case manager. As far as housing goes I would like to see cooperative housing that provides all the sources to get them stable and then ramped up. Something like an incubator program that is used in helping entrepreneurs develop a business. Obviously not everyone would ready for this, but there are some that just need to get the right attention. Health insurance along with substance abuse is a must. also needs addressing. City and state to state sharing of this potential labor force. I have some ideas, but short on space here.

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