Frequently Asked Questions About Lobsters

Lobsters are a popular delicacy in the United States and for good reason: their meat is fresh, buttery and unlike any other flavor in the world. The lobsters themselves, however, are crusty creatures with endless interesting facts about them. Here are some of the most curious aspects of lobsters to answer the most frequently asked questions we get when customers order fresh lobster online here in Boston.

What’s the Green Stuff Inside a Cooked Lobster?

The green stuff inside a lobster is the end result of a very active liver and pancreas. The organs of the lobster work much like our in order to filter the incoming toxins so that they do not contaminate any other part of the body. While it can be a bit funky to look at you might actually rejoice at the sight because it means that the lobster’s natural filtering system has successfully kept unwanted toxins out of the delicious meat that you’re about to eat.

What is the Red Stuff Along the Tail of Cooked Lobster?

This red stuff is actually called lobster roe, or fresh eggs. Lobsters are capable of carrying tens of thousands of eggs at a time. The eggs are stored along the tail for six to nine months until they are released.

What’s the White Stuff in the Water After You Cook a Lobster?

The white stuff is lobster blood! Lobster blood, unlike human blood, is actually colorless and when it is swirling around in the boiling water it can turn into a white goop that looks a bit questionable at first glance. Other than this white stuff being strange it is perfectly harmless.

What Do Lobsters Eat?

Lobsters eat quite a bit, in fact. They eat mainly fresh food including fish, clams, mussels, crabs and sea urchins. Lobsters are cannibalistic and have even been known to eat other lobsters.

What’s the Difference Between Hard and Soft Shell Lobster?

There really is no difference between a hard shell lobster and a soft shell lobster except the point they are at in their shell-shedding cycle. As lobsters grow they need to shed their hard shells in order to accommodate their growing bodies. While their bodies produce a new shell, and after they have shed their old shell, they wear a very thin and flexible soft shell.

Are All Lobsters Red?

Lobsters are typically a dark brown color. In fact, lobsters of any other color are typically the result of some form of mutation. When they are boiled they usually turn bright red as the heat denatures the proteins that are present in the shell, giving it the original brown color.

Why Do You Need to Cook Live Lobster?

When lobsters die the toxins in their bodies quickly multiply and invade most surfaces of the body. As a result they can become incredibly unsafe to eat. So as a general hygienic rule it is best to cook the lobster live as to prevent this contamination of toxins.

Order Fresh Lobster Online

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