How do I find a reputable online seafood company?

Buying seafood can be tricky, even when you’re at a seaside location. How then, do you go about getting fresh seafood if you’re land locked, or in a situation where there isn’t a good market available for fresh fish? One solution is to buy fresh seafood online, but as many people can tell you, it might not result in you getting the seafood you hoped for. In this article, we’ll talk about how to find a reputable online seafood company, so you can enjoy tasty seafood no matter where you are.

Google search

Google is one of the most obvious tools we have at our disposal to learn anything, and it’s where a lot of people start when they’re trying to look for a reputable business. Obviously, you shouldn’t end your search with Google because that won’t give you a very useful range of results, but it’s definitely a good idea to at least take a look at what is listed on the top of Google’s results.

Check BBB

Better Business Bureau (or BBB) is kind of like an online referral site, where businesses are ranked by their peers and their customers. Searching for a company that delivers to your area, will give you some insight on customer reactions and experiences. One benefit of this site is that it allows users to post their feedback on the site, which can let you see from a customer perspective how they handle delivery, ordering, and other topics.

Check online reviews

Similar to using Better Business Bureau, reading online reviews of a particular company can give you some good information about whether you should buy from them or not. Obviously, this isn’t going to tell you everything that you will ever need to know about the company or how it works, but it can give you an impression of the ups and downs of how the company works, and how they have treated their customers.

Check how long in business

Once you’ve found a company, you should do some research on them. Check how long they’ve been in business, first of all. Remember that a newer company won’t necessarily have better or worse products than an established one, but that an established one will have more reviews, more contacts, and likely more people who can tell you about it.

Check source of seafood

The source, for a company that delivers seafood, is very important. You want the company to be as close to the source as possible. It is recommended the company is the only middleman between you, the customer, and the source. Some things to look out for here are companies that buy from fishing companies known for bad practices, companies that ship from very far away, or companies that get the fish from another company beside the source.

Check processing time for orders

Processing time for orders is information you should be able to find on the website for the company. However, you’ll also want to check it against what people have reported in reviews of the service. Often, services that are very slow, will not have particularly fresh seafood, so this is something to watch out for. Keep in mind the seafood must be preserved during transportation, so packaging is important, as well as transport time. These costs can be more than usual, so take note of shipping and handling prices.

A lot of these same steps in the process of finding a place to buy seafood online can be used for finding any kind of new service. However, seafood requires a bit more attentiveness because of its propensity to become bad or to severely degrade in quality due to being mishandled. By following these steps, you will improve your chances of being satisfied when you order fresh seafood online.