February Stories

It’s been a bit of a crazy month, I’ve spent most of it on the road. Life has felt quite different, but it’s been comforting to be able find home in all those that I care about all over the country. Here are the February stories.

Wedding planning with Durban Roxy and Nixymoo. July 8 feels a lot closer this month than it did before.
My Roxypants is getting married!
Roxy, to say that she did good, well, that would be an understatement.
The sun was a bit of a challenge, but we made it work.
The bride and her dream team.
The Afrikaans res (university dormitory) for JP has a tradition where all the boys circle the bride and sing to her.
Work lunches on the beach is just the best idea.
So there’s a new ice cream place in CPT that Robyn took me to…
… and really, it was pretty spectacular.
It might be on par — maybe even better — than The Creamery. Which is really saying something.
Weekend away in paradise.
Hard to believe the girl I met on the first day of High School is now getting married!?
My hiding place will always be under the widest skies, beneath the brightest stars, alongside the moon in all its glory.
Mieke and her works of art.
Happy hour.
Hi Roxy!
Morning runs next to this. Durban sure knows how to show off.
Breakfast at the Boiler Room.
That time we lost the parking ticket and the security guard pretended to not notice.
Roofs, balconies, cityscapes and city lights.
This is Mushroom Park, Roxy and I used to go there on the weekends when we were housemates in JHB.
Cooking challenge at the Discovery Health Food Studios with work.
Don’t really want to be too humble here, but our team kicked ass.
The Discovery Health Chefs assessing our techniques and meals.
Was such a fun night with the team.
Yaaaay, Masterchef winners!
This is Thuli, she works in my team and will be off on assignment in the UK next month!
Our Youth Employability workshops was an amazing experience for the team. 1 million youths to be empowered!
Katy’s Palace — Rooftop bar, balcony, and a view over the city — it’s all of my favourite things in one place.
Hi Team!
Engineers Without Borders South Africa (EWBSA) summit 2017.
When you’ve watched it grow from start to now. What an amazing journey with my EWBSA family.
Nelson Mandela Bridge.
From zero members to over 2000 across the country.
My EWBSA Board Colleagues — we’re a serious bunch.
Hallie’s just moved back from Taiwan to Johannesburg.
She’s a cinematographer and is setting up an internal video production team at Discovery Health.
We met up for the JHB InstaWalk through the inner city.
I’ve forgotten how much fun it is to do these things with a creative.
I promise I wasn’t posing!
Oh Jozi, you’re quite a sight.
If it looks like I spent most of February on rooftops, well, that’d be correct. It was pretty damn glorious.