How Gary Vaynerchuk’s Daily Vee changes everything

I first discovered Gary Vaynerchuk through Twitter in 2010. I was the marketing manager at a small direct marketing company and was assigned the task of ‘looking into that Twitter thing’. Gary appeared on a number of social media expert lists, so I started following his talks and blog posts to educate myself on social media. But it was an interview on the James Altucher podcast recently that prompted me to go back and discover what Gary was up to now. Turns-out he is self-publishing a new reality show: The Daily Vee.

What is Daily Vee?

Daily Vee is an ongoing series of 10 to 30 minute videos published on YouTube. Each ‘episode’ consists of live footage of Gary that his videographer, D-Rock, films during the week. D-Rock follows Gary everywhere as he runs his business and the camera is ever-present. Even as Gary has his phone out making a video for his Snapchat or Facebook feed, the camera keeps rolling. Through the camera, we are invited to witness the minutia of his day — Gary creating video content, looking over his shoulder to talk to the camera, sitting down with clients, giving an all hands talk to his staff, riding in the elevator, or shaking hands with fans on a street corner in London.

Wherever he goes; we go.

In one episode he reveals that he started doing Daily Vee because he wanted to create something that people could learn from, especially people that learn the way he does, which is by watching. It’s an excellent premise, because Gary’s energy is intoxicating and motivational. There are also many ‘teaching’ moments in Daily Vee, from how he works the room to how he spends his time between meetings to how he treats his staff and fans. It is equal parts entertainment, education, and inspiration. And it is business mentorship at scale.

What makes it unique?

What makes it special is not one thing — it is the combination of things that Gary has mastered and brought to bare on this production. These include:

  1. Social media to own the distribution. distribution has been disrupted by the internet. Gary V, who built a $60 million dollar online business using YouTube videos was a pioneer in this field. Now he has sidestepped traditional media companies and is pushing Daily Vee via social media channels and his website. He retains complete artistic control and he is able to reach an audience at scale. The market will decide if Daily Vee is a success. But a likely assumption is that as long as he puts out good content, that content will be consumed by larger and larger audiences.

2. The power of free. There is no advertising and no charge to download, subscribe to, or view his content. In a world of ubiquitous pop-up adds and content gated with sign-up forms there is something intoxicating about friction-less access to high quality, free content. Stepping back, it seems an irrational business model. But once you start to consume the videos, the “no fee, no ads, no barriers” approach heightens the authenticity of the experience. It adds another layer of value, of trust, and of creativity to the value equation.

4. Story telling. Each episode has a narrative arch to it. This adds entertainment value, makes the production more memorable, and amplifies its ability to teach.

5. Legacy and mission. Gary says his motivation is legacy. As the owner of a multi-million dollar business creating total transparency for the sake of legacy has never been done before. It is both his experiment and his gift to us: his audience.

More than the sum of its parts.

With Daily Vee Gary Vaynerchuk is redefining leadership and legacy. What he is doing is unique. It changes what it means to have a personal brand, to be an entrepreneur, to create a legacy, and to be a leader and innovator.

In Daily Vee 39, he articulates a keen sense of self awareness and hints that, behind the strategy and the execution, there is something bigger at play:

“Things have clearly changed. And it’s because I’ve been delivering the same message, but delivering it in the right mediums, on the right platforms, with the right context, with the right consistency, um, and its meaningful...everything has gone to a completely different place”

While I’ve inventoried some of what creates the magic of Daily Vee, there is something intangible about what Gary is doing that elevates his success to become more than the sum of its parts. As the saying goes, “I can’t describe it, but I know it when I see it”. So I grudgingly admit it is hard to describe what it is exactly about the Daily Vee that makes it so special.

And maybe that’s the best part.

Because every time I watch Daily Vee I get a little tingle up my back. I lean back and drink it in and I think to myself: this is special, this is unique.

This changes everything.

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