Look back to ride forward in your career #canada #tech #jobs

It seems that everything is better for you when you do it underwater. Take cycling for example. They now have stationary bikes for pools. The bikes sit on little wheels on one end so you can pick up the other end and roll them into the pool. Then you get in the water and pedal to your heart’s content.

Most of us learn ride bikes in the driveway as kids. Then we grow up and find ourselves peddling in the gym in front of a tv, or maybe at the physio clinic riding stationary with a trainer nearby. And some of us it seems will eventually end up half naked marinating in chlorine while we ride our bastardized bikes in a pool somewhere.

So where did you end up? Have you forgotten what it’s like to have the freedom to ride down the street or have the wind zipping over you as you coast down a hill? Maybe it’s time time to see where your career, if you can call it that, has landed you.

The jobs below might just be what your looking for. Freedom, equity, and no stationary exercises. Move forward. Move up. Or sit still? That’s the question… See you at the pool!

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Staff Developer at Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the most widely used platform for managing social media, loved by over 10 million people around the globe and trusted by more than 800 of the…

Full-time · Vancouver, Toronto, New York City · 0.1–0.1% equity · $110–200K/yr

Talent Acquisition Specialist at Diagram

Diagram is a launchpad for the most exciting ventures in insurance, financial services and healthcare. By making much deeper commitments of resources and…

Full-time · Toronto · 0.0–0.1% equity · $45–60K/yr

Finance Manager at Figure 1

Figure 1 is a global knowledge-sharing platform used by millions of healthcare professionals. Its mission is to empower all healthcare professionals to…

Full-time · Toronto · 0.01–0.05% equity · $70–95K/yr

Full Stack Developer at Zensurance

Zensurance is changing the way small business owners manage their commercial insurance needs. Our recommendation engine assesses a company’s insurance…

Full-time · Toronto · 0.0–1.0% equity · $80–120K/yr

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Timecounts

Timecounts is a volunteer management solution for the modern organizer.

Full-time · Toronto · 1.0–10.0% equity · $60–110K/yr

Business Development & Community Manager at ShutterShare

ShutterShare connects creatives around the Globe and helps them turn their video and photo equipment into revenue generators.

Contract · Toronto · 0.1–0.3% equity · $16–17K/yr

Onboarding Specialist at Knit

Knit is a free online payroll, HR and health benefit service created for small businesses and entrepreneurs. We help manage and automate small businesses…

Full-time · Toronto · 0.0–0.1% equity · $50–55K/yr

Client Onboarding Manager at Cerebri AI

Cerebri AI provides AI and machine learning solutions to help enterprises grow top line revenues by giving them a 1:1 relationship with their customers. We…

Full-time · Austin, Toronto · 0.1–0.25% equity · $80–110K/yr

.Net Developer at Auvenir

Auvenir is on a mission to enable a Smarter Audit. Auvenir was created to help small and medium sized practitioners provide a better financial audit…

Full-time · Toronto · $40–100K/yr

Head of Design at 4D Virtual World

Software for the homebuyer to design and purchase their home of their dreams at a fraction of the cost.

Full-time · Toronto · 0.07–0.09% equity · $60–80K/yr