What is easy, what is hard?

It’s Friday. Here’s where you start:

Walking is easy. We are all born to walk. If we get drunk, we stumble. When we get older, we fall. Some bodies fight against us. Some bodies trap us. We never learn to walk because our muscles don’t work. Walking is hard.

What’s hard?

Anything is hard if you put your mind to it.

What’s easy?

Nothing worth doing is easy.

Is it?

I want to buy a motorcycle. I want to ride on the open road and feel the power under me, the wind whip my face, the open land move under me like a great sheet.

I want to have a little garage and tinker with my bike.

I don’t work well with my hands. Maybe that’s hard. Maybe I need to push into that little bit of gray matter that is responsible for hand eye coordination.

Mostly though I want to get out of my head. I want to turn thoughts into actions, actions into results. I want to stop wanting. And start doing.

I want to delete everything. This whole post. Wipe it out and write something better. Funnier. Wittier. More informative.

A doever. I want to doever forever.

I can never get it right.

Is there a doover for everything?

Can I erase everything?

But of course the past is already gone. Life is a do over. Every day.

I can look back up the page. I can see what I have written. I can wipe it out.

I can wake up. Yesterday is gone. Washed away.

And in the end, there are always more question.

Is this the thing I was supposed to write?

And if I knew the answer, would I wipe it away?

What would I do?

What would you do?


That’s the thing. Always a choice. Apples, or oranges?

Which would you chose?