Writing In Good Company

Frustrating fact: my best writing ideas come to me in the shower.

Sometimes I get out and remember to write them down. Many times they are washed away and forgotten. Ha. Clever little metaphor their. Sorry – there.

Look, inspiration hits not just when you least it expect it; it hits because you don’t expect it. The mind bubbles up ideas best when we turn away from them. Like a game of musical chairs, our ideas change seats only when we’re not looking.

It’s a fair deal, I think. Frustrating but fair.

The best days I can lay out a whole post between turning on the taps and reaching for my towel. And then it helps to have my phone handy so I can peck out an outline on demand. Or a pad and pen within reach ( like the ones I keep next to my bed).

Much more handy than a typewriter. Imagine keeping one of those next to the bath. Sounds like something Kerouac or Thompson might have done. Well, you’d be in good company at least.

Me, I’ll stick to fairly normal. I’ll keep my phone on the vanity. I’ll try to not think too hard in the shower. I’ll try to be smart without really trying to be smart.

Which is to say I will be lazy smart. Like who? Would that put me in good company?

I can’t think of any names at the moment. But that’s just fine. There’s always tomorrow. Just a sleep and a shower away.