Learning from the people who matter

Often we find ourselves trapped within the constraints set by others. Little do we realize that we set limits to our potential. While it is sane to think that we cannot do everything outside our limits, it is unacceptable to think that our limits are set in stone. Often people give us advice based on their own experiences. People limit themselves and impose these limits on the people who want to learn from them. Be wary of such people. They might not do it on purpose. They are programmed to do so. Rather, I’d say, they have programmed themselves to do so. One does not simply attain new heights. People reach new heights in stages. A person who is now a pro was once a rookie. Often, it is only people’s successes that are brought into the limelight. However, there might be many failures behind those successes. Learning from the people who have reached a high point in their career is important. These people set the standards for their field. Mediocrity is not allowed. But why then, do people not rise up to the challenge? As the saying goes, there cannot be light without darkness. We would not have understood the importance of the best people if it were not for the mediocre ones.

Learning from other people does not mean being an exact replica of them. It simply means learning their habits, their mindset, their acquisitions and way of working. Challenges come in everyone’s way. But successful people deal with them smartly. Obstacles cannot be avoided. No one lives a perfect life. People just learn how to deal with them.

It’s up to you who you want to learn from — the people who instill a positive vibe in you or the people who are failures themselves and want to drown in the sea of failures, never wanting to try once again to succeed.