The beginning of my 52 week challenge

Today I begin my quest to write one article a week, for the next 52 weeks, on how technology and science will shape our society in the future.

Specifically, my articles will be focused on future technologies and how they will impact our daily life, institutions and society. The inspiration for this challenge came from the writing co-operative. The idea is simple : every Wednesday from the 12th July 2017, to the 11th July 2018, I commit to write one article on my chosen topic.

I chose this topic so as to express my love for technology and science with a community who values progress and is as optimistic about the future as I am. Since joining Medium, I have learned about scientific breakthroughs and technological possibilities from the very people who manufactured these awesome feats.

Equally as important, I have learned how to build a product and grow a startup into a viable business, that can truly make a positive difference to the world, from some of the most successful serial entrepreneurs. Reading these posts, and learning their techniques has filled me with confidence that some day, I can fulfill my dream of “making” it as a tech entrepreneur.

Until that day however, I have decided to contribute to the community in a different way. I have decided to add my voice as a commentator on the future, and the abundance it promises, in the form of 51 potential technologies. I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am.