I’m a Christian (and Jesus is not the only way)
Jonas Ellison

Good thought provoking stuff. :)

In your view, is there no “transaction” required? No getting “saved” or accepting the gift of salvation? It has always seemed odd to me that we have grace but it doesnt count unless we accept it. :) just wondered what your thought was on that. Are we all “saved” as a starting point?

It seems saying anything is the only way is taboo in our culture. But if Jesus is the unique son of god, and did die for the sins of the world … that would kind of put him in that position. But at the same time, if God can create the world and all that, I think he or she could work out the logistics of whether you have the name right or not.

What if we get to heaven and God says … ummm my name is zoroaster. :)