Am I A Christian?
Dan Pedersen

Im bout in the same boat as you. But. I have studied the bible for about 35 years and have a masters in New Testament with a minor in greek studies. I was just struck by the “forgeries” comment. Some may not be by who it says at the top, but that doesnt mean a forgery. Im not sure what “forgery” means.

There is a complete new testament in Greek from 225 a.d., which i have literally seen with my own eyes. Of course it is under glass and preserved. But. it is 99 percent what we have today in the original languages. There are fragments of the gospel of john preserved from the 90s. a.d., and it could be older.. There are portions of the new testament from before 150 a.d. as well as individual books…

There has never been a book preserved like this. There are thousands of manuscripts from before 1000 a.d., that say 98 percent the same thing, and you can trace the translation of every single word in the new testament back to before 100 a.d.. That is just coming from my studies..

I am pretty much a liberal christian, but i have not come to grips with the attitudes toward the bible. THere is a history there. There is also a history of interpretation dating back to augustine and earlier.

call me a bible purist lol .. but i love the scholastic work of studying ancient languages and history of the bible. There is an extremely rich history there and much misinformation around now, both in conservative and liberal circles.

blessings . hope you are not getting any grief and i dont mean to give you any either. im just talking history.

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