How I as a Product Management interpret’s The 4 Ps as the 4 Cs

The four Ps of the marketing mix can be reinterpreted as the four Cs , They put the customer’s interests (the buyer) ahead of the marketer’s interests (the seller).

Customer solutions, not products: Customers want to buy value or a solution to their problems they face

Tip fix problems don't invent them

Customer cost, not price: Customers want to know the total cost of acquiring, using and disposing of a product , the Lifetime of the product should provide value for the customer.

Tip dont hide fees or clauses

Convenience, not place: Customers want products and services to be as convenient to purchase as possible.

Tip make onboarding a pleasure not a pain, educate and communicate daily until the customer doesn't need help

Communication, not promotion: Customers want two-way communication with the companies that make the product.

Tip don't hide your phone number , reply promptly on social don't ignore customers
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