5 reasons why the scales could be making you fat

A subject which needs some love, and something I’m incredibly passionate about, is women staying away from the scales when in a fat loss phase, apart from at the very beginning when we need to determine calorie intake.

Now for some ladies, the scales don’t affect their mindset, but for the majority it can become a problem/obsession. You may ask why I say this, because of course it’s a way of measuring progress, but in fact what most people are after is fat loss rather than weight loss, and it is easy to get confused between the two.

Who remembers starting the day with the sun shining and birds tweeting, and then going to the bathroom (obviously using the loo first) and stepping on the scales to see you were a pound heavier, and thinking the world had ended?

1. Forgetting Progress in Other Areas

I’ve personally seen any joy that my clients have had being taken away by what they’ve weighed on a Monday. It makes them actually forget about all the other progress they’ve been making; for example strength and technique improvements in the gym.

2. Stress

Stress can lead to a rise in cortisol levels which can in most cases lead to water retention, so just imagine you’ve lost a kilo of fat but you’re holding onto a kilo and a half of water? Where is that going to send your mind?

3. Use Measurements or Clothes as a Scale

One of the problems I see is people stressing over the scale weight not budging. But when I know my clients are adhering to the plan, one of the biggest and best learning curves as a coach has been telling them to ditch the scales and use measurements and clothing. In the vast majority of cases these will have improved, and this in itself also helps to relieve that stress.

4. The Cycle

Ladies, if you’ve ever felt heavier or bigger at certain times of the month, you’re not being paranoid. A woman’s weight tends to fluctuate due to changes in hormones.

“Females in particular are prone to daily weight fluctuations due to ovulation and periods, often causing fluid retention and therefore weight gain, and this constant rise and fall on the scales is not indicative of true weight,” Reed said. “Some women put on up to four kilograms in fluid pre-period and even at ovulation too, and in this case you should certainly seek out a healthcare practitioner who specialises in hormone balance to assist with this issue, so with this if you’d still like to use scales then think about doing it monthly at the same part of your cycle.”

5.Food reward and the spiral effect

We’ve all had that moment when something pisses us off and we end up thinking “Fuck it, let’s eat something shit.” We’ve also all had that moment when something good happens and we end up thinking “Fuck it, let’s eat something shit.” The scales can have exactly this effect, and the reverse. Imagine weighing yourself every morning; there is the chance that a good result can make you feel like you deserve a reward in the form of food, or equally a poor result can upset you and lead to comfort eating.

In summary, stay away from the scales if they have a negative effect on your day.

Here are a few tips that could aid your fat loss.

  1. Download myfitnesspal and gather an understanding of portion control and what’s actually in your food.
  2. Drink 3 litres of water a day.
  3. Walk 10,000 steps a day.
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