If I were PM: You’d never work on your birthday (and you’d get a present) #saywhat

I’ve decided to start a new series of blogs. Quick ideas I’d like to see happen that might actually inspire citizens, rather than assume. (More on assumption at a later date.)

This one says it all in the title, really. I don’t think there’s any greater gift than the absolute right to never, ever, have to work on your birthday. I don’t (and never have), my staff at Worry+Peace won’t (they all get their birthday off.)

It is, after all, the day you became a citizen of your nation. Before you’re even old enough to talk, you are commanded by the laws and cultural heritage of the state.

When does it ever show you why that’s a good thing? Rarely. Never.

Here’s a start. It’s like a floating bank holiday. Beautiful, personal, and achievable.

As for the present – I think a coin from the Royal Mint, or a personalised stamp, would do very nicely. Minimal cost and maximum opportunity. The state could also take the moment each year to directly talk to you, share your rights and opportunities to engage. Who knows – you might shed a pound or two of apathy and give a care.

Now I know what most would say – how does it get paid for?

As PM, I’d clearly employ actual accountants, actuaries and mathematical genii. (Not history majors.) My hunch is at birth.

Birth certificates could have a tiny added fee. A stipend that can be put in trust to pay for all this when unlocked. And that’s the final bit.

In this scenario, you don’t get this until you turn 16 or over. The same day you’re legally allowed to have consensual sex, you’re rewarded with a present.

In the meantime – I’d loan the money against the future value of the current births via a Bank of England liquidity model. Heck, if they can buy their own bonds back with made up money, they can underwrite a £10 gift once a year.

Plus, i’d combine the model with premium bonds. So you could up the benefit. There are a few ways of mixing the model up and adding behavioural triggers that benefit the entire economy.

The long and short of it is: You don’t work your birthday – the states says “thanks for being born” for the first time ever in history.

Ayes to the right?


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