Reply to a brilliant post on Brexit:

Superb stuff — this was:

Read it an marvel at the brilliant latteral thinking! Winner.

Unlike most normal Brexit voters — I actually admit I did it. Chances are, 50% of people you meet voted for it. Yet, the virtue seems to be signalled by remain voters — they aren’t the ‘racists’ after all. The availability of a remain voter proudly waving their blue and yellow flag is everywhere… Maybe more people “like you” actually voted remain. Any leave voter would put a zip on their choice, right?

I voted leave but this is the single smartest Remain retort i’ve ever seen.

But I thought i’d blog a reply. As, again, it waves its arms as if to say: “see, rubbish idea, we win, let’s stop — nothing further to see here.”

This isn’t and has never been solely about trade or money. I know that sounds weird, given we’ve voted to leave a trade bloc, but it’s true. For me at least.

Seems to me, though, with my entrepreneurial hat on, the WTO isn’t as good as it could be. UK could use its range of soft power tools to reform it and exert more influence now it could “in theory” have a seat at the table on its own.

NO one that voted leave did so to have no free trade with EU. Every state should be entitled to decide how trade, people and capital flow into its country. Taking out the natural emotions of it all, the whole “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone” or the wail of those who perhaps didn’t realise how much they valued their own little piece of the EU (easier holidays, broader horizons), that’s not an unfair urge. Most nations around the World would respect it.

So why can’t our own people?

It’s turned into a mud-slinging match and that is definitely poisonous.

And the issue of departing is so many layers of complex, it’s almost like it was designed to prohibit any democratic state from leaving it. Now, call me ideological (I am) but I don’t believe in that at all. It sounds like the sort of thing that, were it part of my body, i’d be crapping myself that I can’t remove it if I get the urge.

Democracy should enable, not prevent choice. For all the EU’s virtues, it’s pride in the mission is laid bare right now. The mere fact A50 is such a hollow waxwork of certainty tells me even more that, in terms of fighting the war for global democracy, peace, impossible Utopia — whatever — the EU does not have a good heart. It’s not the right plan.

It’s pride swells by the week and the height of fall risk also increases.

What is, in fact, so wrong with just free trade? “But, they’re the rules” isn’t a good enough reply. Rules change. Rules have changed, in fact.

If the EU is willing to allow citizens who helped build it — funding or awkwardness aside, and that’s a fact — rot for its own insecurity, that’s not a sign of something strong, that’s not inspiring. And it’s also dragging hundreds of millions along with it inside the EU.

When a smart remain voter shows some of the flaws of Brexit, it’s worth considering the flaws of the EU in context. These issues with trade and the WTO are solvable for the UK. Norway, Canada — UK will have some kind of ‘majority’ of sectors free trade deal. It can change and evolve as a nimble, kind, open society.

Can the EU?

I think we all know the answer to that question, and brave* Britain is the control group, evidence all rolled into one.

*If you think this decision was stupid and not brave, you might be finding the answer you need rather than the reality you face.

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