Two big media companies putting in bids for a large theater chain showing adult-oriented showings.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Pros and cons of using some of the most popular extensions in the chrome webstore.

Web-capture taken on 8/16/2018 of

Photo By Samsung

Front of the Phone

Best Computer Speaker

YEET!, an up and coming startup, could be the next home delivery competitor.

Page sample, for Ruffles Chips

The free desktop customization tool, with millions of options!

My personal desktop that I created with Rainmeter

Get free, or discounted items for being a student!

GitHub Student Developer Pack:

The new system is required in 2020. What does this say about the future of credit?

Landing page for the guide

James Kerrane

A new coder, jumping into the land of HTML.

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