Home Sessions: A little less bumpy

Ah yes, there you are. I’ve missed you. You know a lot has changed since we last met. Here’s a quick rundown: I can now use Git seamlessly, the pressure to write great code has increased substantially, plus I’m now writing tests for code in a way that can only spell out improvement. At least I think I do.

But I feel like I’m in limbo. Not knowing what the future holds. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing these home study sessions. They give me a sense of responsibility and belonging. Plus I get to improve on my coding skills with the tests and TDD approach I once mentioned to you. You do remember what TDD is, right? Good. But I’m guessing I lost you at Git. Here’s a thumbs up for reminding me.

How do I put this? Let’s see. Be warned, I don’t usually know when I’m crossing the technical boundaries of a definition. But neither does Wikipedia, nor a plethora of other websites out there. Just bear with me because, again, it is what it is and ain’t nothing you can do to change it (or me).

Fortunately there is a way not to get too technical for those of you who aren’t in to it. Git records snapshots of the collection of files in your projects, so that you can review the progression of work, reassemble it, rearrange it and repeat it as desired. For the technical fanatics out there, Git is a Version Control System that helps software developers to work together and maintain a complete history of their work. Remember guys, this is just a blog post from an aspiring Andelan who just got his feet wet with the concept of Version Control. I’m sure someone out there in the deep web might come up with a slightly better, less bloated definition. Good luck surfing the web to find them!

I woke up feeling much better by the way (thank you for asking…), with subsiding symptoms of neck and back pains. I hope you find something worth it for you too that makes you sit up late at night trying to figure out how you can come up with the best version of whatever it is your working on.

As uncle Iroh from Avatar: The last airbender would put it, “The Andela Boot Camp Home sessions make you look within yourself so that your true self will reveal itself.”

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