Choice Is Life…

As a kid (8–10) I remember studying Confucius… I had a book of his, not sure where I got it, but I remember sitting at the dining table while Mum cooked, reading his wisdom…

I’m pretty sure this one sank in… if you know me, you’ll know I like to keep things simple and live a pretty chilled lifestyle.

The fact is that this is a CHOICE we all have and are all responsible for in our own lives.

I hear so many blaming others for their ‘lot’ in life and I wonder when they will wake up.

Life really is SIMPLE.

We eat, we sleep, we play, we grow…all the pieces in between are our CHOICE.

So next time you’re busy looking for a new result, a new life, a new partner, whatever…

First look st your CHOICES.

And choose SIMPLICITY.

#living #theexpertsway