Rome Will Never Recover

Regardless which side of the Forty Acres the argument comes from, most can see that Charlie Strong’s residency in Austin is dwindling away.

This will not be the first, nor last, head coach that the University of Texas decides to ditch without an honest evaluation.

Instead of evaluating a head coach that has proven successful at times, the university should look inward at its own doings.

The University of Texas football program can be considered the third professional football team within Texas’ borders. Its public interest rivals that of the Houston Texans.

Money, greed, demand, and power are constant surrounding university athletic boosters.

Maybe Strong is not the right man to bring Texas out of the depths of college football, but is there a better option at this point. Mack Brown could have easily still been in Austin if oversight had existed.

The capitol city is on the brink of another losing season, breaking records that date back before grandmother saw sputnik fly across the sky.

This should be a wakeup call for the millionaires and billionaires that call the University of Texas their university.

Rome may never recover.