Self-Help Titles and The Sincerity Gap
Mike Sturm

It comes down to the audience in the end.

With overpromising titles, which usually end up underdelivering, you probably attract a different kind of people clicking and reading than when using cleaner and more correct language both in the title and in the text.

I suspect that for most writers, the people who click on these “insane” titles are even more beneficial than people who are a little bit more jaded in the ways of the online content and are more wary of such promises. After all, if they were more likely to be impressed by such a tone, they’re probably more likely to spend some money there in any way, or simply expose the piece to more people.

All things taken into account, a writer has to decide between fewer smarter readers who probably already know half of what the writer will say and are not likely to hire the writer for coaching or buy the product on the one hand, and a lot more people who aren’t really the sceptic kind and who are more likely to spend money. It’s a no-brainer for most writers, and I’m wondering why I haven’t joined them yet :)