Ram Camp 2017 — Kyoto experiment

a challenge of imagination and communication

Last October, there was a 5-day workshop in Kyoto — RAM Camp 2017. It is a dance-technology exchange program with dancers, choreographers and programmers from Japan, China, and South Korea.

Reactor for Awareness in Motion (RAM) is a dance and technology research and development project, directed by YCAM since 2010. It creates virtual environments for dancers to do in and develops new choreography tools.

Day one

Introduction of RAM Camp 2017

World Cafe + Team making

In world café, all the participant are divided into groups and exchange their idea with each other “How to use ramdancetoolkit to create new ‘Scene’ (a presentation module in RAMDanceTookit)”. They speak out their idea as much as they can. When time up, they will shuffle to another group. one f the person of the group stay and present the idea from the people who just shuffled. All participates I observed were well prepare and full of ideas, some programmers even wrote sample code before. I am the lazy one, don’t even write a single line of code. I tried to adapt the idea from the dancer. End up I group with 1 programmer(Ayumu Nagamatsu) from Japan, 1 dancer from Japan(Mica Masuda), 2 Korea dancer(Jun, Young ). Our group name is KABOCHA(it was the end of October, the month of pumpkin, kabocha is pumpkin in Japanese, mean of let’s go in Korean). In the process of group making and world café. My goal is to form a group of people who willing to talk to you and listen to you. To be honest I try to avoid together with people from Hong Kong and China(will talk about them later). Being in an exchange program should partner with the country other than your hometown.

we are learning how to dress up perception neuron

Day Two

dance workshop for programmer + programming workshop for dancer

my favorite part of the workshop. everyone has to take part in their unfamiliar activities. You can realize how your body out of control.

remind me the first day I learned programming

working hard on coding and problem solving.

Day Three

presentation +scene share , tried hard to talk with group-mate, i have build something existing.

some virtual object created base on user position. It can be imagined in dancer mind, so banned.
text on body, looks familiar, should be created in RAM Camp before, seems dancer can create some movement base on sticky
, gravitation, pulling sensation from difference dimensions created by Ayumu Nagamatsu

Our group progress much behind the target. still struggling with the design of the scene. only scene “Nattō” completed and pending for polishing. We both agree that the scene could inspire us something from instinct.

Day Four

Group rehearsal, we create are polishing the scenes. Our team struggling on audio generation, we need more variation bas on body movement, I tried to ask comment from one of the guest participants David Haylock(he also has an article this event) and Laura. They are too generously share their experience on using midi + Ableton to generate audio base on body joint angle. Me and David realised we have a conversation via email seven years before!

Day Five

the final presentation, every group present their scenes. Every participant presents their scenes. We have the different audience who interested in RAM.

Dance performance and technology

Dancer, they need to develop a common language to work with a programer. Programmer, thinking out of the engineer mindset. Software engineer should become a creator and not errand man. We have learned how to communicate with each other, not only ask for something but listening. And we have to build the language. To present to inspire. We are no longer repeat ourselves. We did not create extraordinary scenes but we gain more experience in working with people from all around the world.

Ayumu Nagamatsu young and talented media artist, keep an eye on his upcoming works. He does not even have any experience on openframework, but still, he creates unique scene.

Mica Masuda dexterity and keen dancer. full of ideas and thought.


5 day is only for a brief experience of RAM. Yuko Ando spent years with YCAM to invent RAM system. we only have 5. One of the last words of the director of Kyoto Experiment is touching: “As budget is never enough. At this workshop, the Preparatory Committee wants to give more time and space to exchange and create at least. This RAM camp has been done several times, but every time, especially this time of creation and fantasy is beyond the past, I think the time brewing of creativity is very important. Kyoto is not a high-density metropolis in Tokyo, but I think RAM as a creative tool is like a metropolitan city where programmers and dancers come together. The construction of this software and talents is more long-term and beyond the limit More effective help us break the rules.” I glad that I could be one of the RAM Camp Kyoto. RAM should be promoted to Hong Kong dance field.


our group repo