How To Make Money By Selling Mobile Apps To Small Businesses?

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When we combine Apple and Google App stores, we can see that there are more than a billion apps!

Apps are everywhere we go. They have been our resources for music, games, business, shopping, news, and more. In short, having an app is essential. And in 2018, there are enormous opportunities in the app industry. You can Earn Easy Cash on the App Store. It is a vibrant market and, if you’re a reseller, the possibilities are endless.

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Now, the next question that can come to mind is: “How to generate some quick cash in Mobile App Business and exactly how do app developers earn back their costs and make profits?

In-app purchases and advertising allows app developers to make money.

To be this far, you got to have a good offer than just in-app purchases and ads in an app.

To brian storm ideas, carry out some research on the Competition to find out Whereby They Make Money

Best Apps to Make Money in 2018

You can know about this by looking at the competition and try to know about their audience and apps monetization methods. This way you can figure out which apps make money for them and their potential customers.

Understanding The Different monetization models (Moneymaking apps)

There are various monetization models available for free apps. Money-Making Apps for Earning Passive Income

Which option you use depends on the type of app and which users you are targeting. Here is an example for you; freemium” Apps are free, however, if you want to use more functions you have to pay. Through subscriptions, you can offer featured content for a specified period. This method can quickly provide you a large audience to do further experimentations.

In-App Purchases

A free app which uses in-app purchases delivers free edition of the app.

These can quite often be observed in Mobile gaming apps where: new levels and features are offered for a fee. These purchases motivate other users to buy more. Take a look at Candy Crush Saga, where extra lives can be purchased.

In-app purchases are offered with apps other than games. Calcbot, 1Password and Apple Music are some excellent examples. This category of in-app purchases allows the user to continue using their purchase. This is in contrast with options that are consumed, such as lives at Candy Crush Saga.

You also can offer a free version of the app with reduced functions. And ask for money for any additional features.

At Calcbot, a user has to pay to access the “Convert” function. This can be an additional revenue streams.

Android and iOS apps also offer innovative subscriptions for in-app purchases. These subscriptions allow an app to offer premium content or functions over a specified period. An excellent example of this is “Family Signal” app. This app uses these functions to ensure that families stay in touch with each other. This option is especially useful with apps that incur fixed costs, such as server costs and costs for developing new content.

In-App Advertising

In-app advertising comes in different sizes, positions, and placements. IT is more of a traditional advertisement models. Advertisements can bring in money with apps.

There are advertising networks available that focus on mobile apps. These offer different strategies and metrics, so you can keep track of how much money you earned with an app.


It does not matter if your free app uses in-app purchases or in-app ads. Help a small part of your users to generate revenue from your app. It is therefore crucial that the number of active users increases and continues to increase.

Looking at the various metrics is essential. Check out free-to-paid conversion rates, lifetime value of the user and conversion rate (users who again take out a subscription). If you do not pay attention to these metrics, you do not have the necessary tools to ensure that this small part makes money.

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Summing up, You can make money as an App Reseller from these options;

Option 1: You get a fee for creating the app from your customer. The customer then has access to his/her app connected to your Mobiroller account so they can maintain their app.

Option 2: You charge your customers an app development/design fee which can range from $199 to well over $1000, then charge a monthly fee to maintain and host the customer’s app. (This is perfect for option two)

Option 3: Make multiple apps that you sell on the App markets or generate income from AdMob. (I use this option)

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