I had thought that there would already be an easy to use module to spawn a p2p network that would synchronize any sort of data that was fast, efficient and mostly in sync.

However, there didnt seem to be any such thing as the concept of “mostly in sync” seems to be at odds with what most decentralized projects are doing. …

It has taken many years to finally be able to put together a fully decentralized system for one of the most demanding usecases, realtime poker. The final piece is a decentralized cashier, which utilizes cryptographic proofs to deposit coins, issue coins, redeem coins. While the cashier is being created specifically for poker, it can actually be used by any game that has balances tied to a player on a “table”.

First, let us start with a bit of background. I have written about CHIPS using lightening network for instant payments, that enables realtime betting. Of course, we are all familiar with CC and what it can do and with a notarized chain for the cashier, we can use nSPV for dapps to interact with the cashier chain as it is also interacting with LN network and CHIPS. Make the chain that the cashier runs on a pegged chain, backed by KMD and in effect we are able to bet USD equivalents (which are actually variable amounts of KMD adjusted per block) in a trustless way to play realtime poker. …

First a brief review of what a Finite State Machine (FSM) is https://medium.com/@mlbors/what-is-a-finite-state-machine-6d8dec727e2c


There are many other resources on what a FSM is and what they can do as it is a well established field. The important thing to note is that FSM can be mapped into a transactionalized CC. What that means is that with a single CC, unlimited numbers of different FSM instances can be defined and used.

I will try to show a very simplistic example to illustrate what a blockchain FSM CC would be like. Since the “events” that can happen can be an arbitrary one, the possibilities of what can be handled are vast. Also notice that once the FSM CC is done, then there is no need to make any new CC modifications to get a new FSM instance. …

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